Persuasive Essay On Becoming A Pilot

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“Cleared for takeoff 14R” “Alright slowly advance throttle to full” The moment we lifted off the ground and the Runway speeding below me. The engine roaring and my instructor telling me “We are gonna make a left turn to head to flying cloud, fly up to 300ft AGL”
I already knew that getting your pilot's license will cost a lot of money and you had to be 17 and have 40 hours. I have know that I wanted to be a pilot since I was 7. The ability to go where you want fast and fun made me spark with excitement for flying.
I Hoped to learn all the requirements and exact stuff like how many hours for certain requirements. I also wanted to learn where to go to be able to fly for the cheapest and the fasted route to becoming a pilot.I had found remember the first time I flew in a small plane. The feeling of soaring through the air made every last second seem as if i was floating on a cloud in heaven.

First I started with a aviation colleges like Phoenix East Aviation I went through their website and looked at there flight programs and the route to becoming a Airline Pilot. The route to becoming a pilot would take time dedication and Skill.

I learned throughout my research that becoming a
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The the first type of pilot is a private pilot the requirements for this is 40 hrs and you must be 17. “Each pilot certificate or rating typically involves a component of both ground school and flight training”. This is the first step to becoming a airline pilot. You need to complete ground school and flight school. The second type of pilot/ certification you would get is your commercial rating and that allows you to be a flight instructor. Being a flight instructor allows you to gain a lot of hours. After you gain enough hours you can move onto becoming a airline transport pilot. This is the final step to being allowed to fly commercial airliners with passengers. Those are all the licenses you need to become a airline

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