Persuasive Essay On Becoming A Professional Athlete

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Research Essay Sports are ingrained into society, and introduced into our lives from an early age. Either playing or watching sports has become a huge market. Professional athletes have become celebrities, causing sports to have more of an impact on society. Pushing parents to wanting there child to become the next super athlete. Sports training has become instrumental, because of the demand for being the best athlete. When looking at how must professionals become pros, a large majority are drafted from college. Making it the ideal place to go, to become a professional athlete. This is nothing new and has been going on for generations. It sounds like a good deal go to school get a degree and then become a pro. Not only that, but most of the…show more content…
The NCAA needs to change and adopt, like every other business does. The amount in which college sports has changed since the NCAA was started has been drastic. College sports has grown into a billion dollar industry, making college’s vast amounts of money. I would like to think these schools would use that money to support the players that make it for them. Unfortunately, colleges use the NCAA and there old system to get around providing players with appropriate care. For example Shabazz Napier who was the star of the University of Connecticut basketball team, who lead his team to a national championship in 2014. He talked about scholarship limits and how it affected him; “There are hungry nights that I go to bed starving”(Karaim 580). NCAA has so many rules it makes it very hard for players to get even the simple things. Most scholarships are granted for only one year and depending on the players performance. Giving the coach power to release players pretty much whenever they see fit. So a player could play for one year receive a life changing injury. That requires a life time of medicals bills(580). That player will lose there scholarship and receive no medical help. The sad part is the only way to make to the professional level is through college. Only a small majority of student athletes even make it to the pros. leaving a large amount of kids who don’t even graduate because of the large commitment to there sport. That to me is just not
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