Persuasive Essay On Becoming A Teacher

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If you had asked me nine years ago, I would have told you that I will never work with kids. That being said, I was also only eight years old at the time. However, only a few years later, I found myself with the growing passion to pursue a career in education, thanks to the influence of a few teachers. Only a handful of teachers who have truly left a positive impact on my education. Focusing on learning over results was what set these teachers apart from others. Rather than focusing on getting that "A" in class, these teachers helped me to focus on my own learning and well-being. They helped me maintain my grades, and I found that I was much happier with myself and what I was learning in school. Nevertheless, I have also had many teachers, where from my perspective, were not engaged in what they were teaching and as a result, I was not engaged in my learning. The quality of my work done in these classes declined, and before I knew it, I dreaded these classes. Teacher are highly influential because they can shape youth for the better or worse. In spite of those who left a negative impact on my education, I strive to become a teacher.

One summer, I decided to volunteer at a summer camp for a couple of weeks. At the end of every week, I found myself asking the coordinators if I could come back for another week. Out of six weeks, I ended up spending five at the summer camp. My third week there was particularly memorable for me as one of the campers hugged me and asked if I
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