Persuasive Essay On Becoming A Vet

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Becoming A Vet Ever since I was a little boy I have always wanted to become a vet because I have always been around animals. Animals is one of the things I know a lot about in the world. So I feel like I could become a vet since I already know a bunch about animals. Eventually after I go to college I will join a vet clinic for about ten years then after that I will open my own vet clinic and other vets can join in to make a big vet clinic. Being a vet is a very serious job, it's basically like being a doctor, some people treat their animals like their kids, so if the animal didn't survive it would not be good, you would lose customers. Basically becoming a veterinarian is to make animals better, it is a very serious job that you make great money at, well after you get your education. (Veterinarian) When you eventually become a vet…show more content…
Well not at my school because they don’t have a vet class in ag, but they do have a class online you can take but it is very hard. When you eventually graduate high school and want to become a vet you should have already completed some classes online in high school, then you should go to a college not just any college out there , go to a good college that has a high percentage in vet classes. Like my top choices of colleges would be Texas A&M, Baylor, Rice, Oklahoma State. If you ever needed some personal help outside of college go to a person that is already a vet, that person can teach you a lot of things. But another thing is you have got to have money that you will be willing to spend on college classes, those classes are not cheap at all they, usably range from $28,000 to $54,000 a year. Just always have a positive attitude when you become a vet, never say you can't fix the animal that you're working on cause if you can't then I bet your assist or the other vets in the office can try and help
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