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When bees go out and collect nectar from the flower they are actually doing people a favor because that is how they produce beeswax. Next time think before you kill a bee because that could mean you can’t get that great smelling candle you want. Beeswax is the better alternative to burn, because they are better for the environment, healthier for people with respiratory problems, and safer for children.
Beeswax is made by very young bees around seventeen days old. Young bees have bigger wax glands so they are the ones that are able to make the beeswax. After the bees go and collect nectar they must rest for twenty-four hours. During this time they digest all the nectar they collected and there body's start turning it into wax. After they have waited the twenty-four hours the bees go looking for damaged parts of the hive. Once they find a damaged area they take the droplets of wax , which is called scales, that is coming out of the bees wax glands. Then they chew it up so it is moldable and fix the damaged area. When the wax first comes out of the gland it is white but after oxidization occurs it slowly turns a dark yellow. Once the honey is out of the bees a beekeeper goes out and collects the wax. According to bear creek candle company “One pound of beeswax consists of approximately 800,000 scales. Bees must consume 8 to 10
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Beeswax is considered a renewable natural resource. Which means beeswax can be easily replenished by bees. Most beeswax candles are one hundred percent beeswax, which means no artificial chemicals are found in them. Some people are very allergic to those chemicals. When the candles are burned there is very little smoke, therefore that keeps propel with asthma form having an attack. Beeswax candles burn two to five times longer than regular candles. When the candles are burned the produce a light that is in the same spectrum as the

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