Persuasive Essay On Being A Superpower

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Having extra normal abilities is an idea that many of us have flirted with before, but never able to materialize our desires. Hypothetically speaking we are given the chance of acquiring a superpower, and then the question comes; what should I choose? Abilities to be superior to other human beings. Having a superpower can be a potential tactical advantage, and premium abilities may be really useful in some day to day activities. But it may as well be an ample responsibility to carry on with. This may be the predicament I face every time I want to apply it.
Particularly I made a meticulous judgment based on personal opinions and general knowledge concerning the possibilities and the consequences of what i chose as a super human ability. I
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Let’s place myself on the final of the volleyball tournament and we are one point away from winning, what if I could know the direction in which my opponent will serve and this will allow me to predict were to position myself to dig the ball and win the point. Or when in school this power can be exploited at the most , getting perfect scores for the rest of my life on algebra would be awesome. Nevertheless I guess having access to such an advantage puts me in a position of some sort of social responsibility with human kind and how it can be used for real life problems. Like how can human kind achieve a world without war. And at this point is in which knowledge can be harmful, even if I knew the formula for permanent peace, other problems will be brought on by this decision, remember that all your actions have consequences. If there is no more war, death rates will drop and the overpopulation problem will be serious. In the other hand if used right it may bring us to a better level of life, using it to create a better political system for Honduras that suite the lower class but benefits all. And knowing how to implement it to successfully achieve goals.
Also we can see it from the point of view that positive things that come from the use of my super power can outweigh the bad things. My biology knowledge

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