Persuasive Essay On Being A Vegetarian

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Being a vegetarian means that you have to exclude all foods that contain any sort of meat in it including all dairy products if you are a strict vegetarian or a vegan. Some people choose to become a vegetarian as it can help with weight loss due to the decreased calorie intake and the fact that plant proteins,fruits and vegetables have less calories in them and are high in minerals and vitamins. Ofcourse there are multiple reasons why people choose to become vegetarians but weight loss,saving the planet and saving the animals are common reasons why vegetarianism is growing.

It is proven that being a vegetarian decreases the chance of getting diseases or illnesses such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes due to a healthier diet. Vegetarians consume less animal fats and cholesterol and replaces it with more antioxidants and fibers. If more people decided to become vegetarians it would not only improve people’s health but also the environment and the economy. Taking America as an example, the statistics show that nearly 70% of America 's adults are suffering from obesity and one of the consequences of this is getting a heart disease meaning that you most likely have high blood pressure and high cholesterol. This is usually because the typical american diet is not very healthy because of the amount of bad fats and fast food they are consuming. If an american were to change to a vegetarian diet, the majority of the bad fats will be eliminated and replaced by foods that are
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