Persuasive Essay On Being Brave

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Be brave. Take risks. Nothing can substitute experience. (Paulo Coelho). Being brave isn 't just about having courage, it is about being fearful to stand in one 's own path. Bravery is about having the ability to empathize and share new beliefs in the world. Once fearfulness is conquered, one can persist to accomplish their beliefs. Bravery can lead to consequences that could change rules. Throughout history, numerous leaders accomplished the impossible by their bravery. Leaders are commonly known for never giving up and attaining what is believed. Leaders aren’t the only ones who achieve what they believe is right because some specifically achieved incredible things during their times. Silhouetted to the beliefs of people, they will face many obstacles, but they shouldn 't give up because this will show their bravery remarkably beyond expectations. Particularly, bravery requires a huge and great effort in order to result in marvelous results. Sometimes, beliefs of individuals are unfathomable because not all people perceive them properly especially harsh people who show prejudice to anything. The problem in proceeding with what is believed is that when a person says esoteric ideas (Sarah Cathleen). This will make it very difficult for a person to persist his belief. However, once again a person shouldn’t give up because they should show their bravery in excellence. Lastly, Leaders who have shown bravery excellently throughout history are Brutus, Rosa Parks, and
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