Persuasive Essay On Being Diapered Independent

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Being Diapered dependent is far better for me than wearing adult underwear. Why would I want to subject myself and be chained to the toilet and bathroom, when I can have more freedom and independence by being diapered dependent and wearing adult diapers instead of adult underwear. Adult Diapers to me are nothing more than a pair of Underwear, short shorts and swim shorts in one. It’s my prefered clothing and something I would rather wear than adult underwear. So for me, my goals are to become fully diaper dependent. Shake off the shackles of adult underwear. Be free from the Toilet and Bathroom. Wearing Diapers for the rest of my life and be treated as a diaper dependent person. Even promote and advocate all the good benefits of being diapered and wearing adult diapers instead of underwear. I’d even promote and advocate for…show more content…
Diapers offer me the safety, security and comfort that Adult Underwear can never provide. Diapers allow me to have the level of freedom that I can never have and being diapered let’s me do more and not worry about the bathrooms. What Diapers also allows me is the benefit of not having to be subjected to using the gendered bathroom system. I can poop and pee whenever and wherever I want and get on with my life. When I am diapered, I am not forced to find a bathroom and can use my diapers for their intended purpose. Diapers are great because they are far more comfortable than underwear, they fit better and they have great padding. One thing I do tell people is that being diapered is better than having underwear. Having a diaper on let’s me be me and let’s me have more freedom, independence and a stress free life. They let me enjoy life more and in some cases I can have more fun being in a thick padded diaper than an underwear. Diapers make great stress reducers because wearing a diaper cuts my stress down and I never ever have to worry about

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