Do People Choose To Be Homeless

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Do people choose to be homeless? The definition of “choice” is an act of selecting or making a decision when faced with two or more possibilities. People don’t choose to be homeless. Certain circumstances and consequences have put these people on the streets. Choices and consequences come hand in hand. “In a single night in California in 2016, 21.48% of the population experienced homelessness. In New York, 15.7%. That’s over 100,000 in California and 80,000 people in New York.” (Neiditch, Daniel). Having a mental illness, being in an abusive situation., and sometimes being a veteran can lead to becoming homeless. Homelessness is not a choice. “35-45% of homeless people have a mental illness altering their mental capacity and ability choosing…show more content…
They don’t want to be homeless but that’s their current situation in their escape” (Schanes, Christine). More families go through being homeless in the United States than any other Industrialized nation. Typically a homeless family is made up with a single mother and two younger children. 51% of the children who go through being homeless are under the age of five years old. Domestic violence is common among the youth that have and are experiencing being homeless. A single adult and their family who becomes homeless more than half the time report the cause being domestic violence. According to the National network to end domestic violence, 39% of cities cited domestic violence as the primary cause of family homelessness. Domestic violence is the immediate cause of many women and children becoming homeless. 90% of homeless mothers have reported at least once in their life time of experiencing being physically and or sexually abused, often while the children are watching. In America 1.6 million youth experience being homeless each and every year. This is not a choice made but rather the safest option than staying in their dangerous household. In the end, people don’t choose to be homeless. No one chooses to be homeless. These people that are homeless have addictions, mental problems, and situations that they need help in. These people have to have help and if they aren’t getting help from
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