Persuasive Essay On Benefits Of Racecar Driving

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Amazing Lifestyle Benefits Gained from Racecar Driving Racecar driving seems like something that does not require much intensity compared to other sports like basketball and football. The driver is sitting the whole duration of racing while using a control system in the car to move around in circles. On the surface, racecar driving may appear like a less mediocre form of regular driving, with the addition of special gear and high acceleration speeds. On the other hand, it really is much more than that! There are numerous benefits that this sport yields to those with enough courage to make a career out of it. Physical Fitness You may be one to think racecar driving does not require much physical fitness. Besides, the driver is just sitting in a car the whole time. Contrary to this belief, these athletes’ bodies must be in good shape to compete. It definitely takes a great amount of physical strength to endure a high-speeding car in a controlled fashion. Not just anyone can hop in a car and do that effectively.…show more content…
Well, it is easy to visualize the lifestyle benefits this sport presents. We can all agree this sport can be very dangerous - and so can life in general! Racecar driving gives athletes the extra edge to endure dangerous aspects of everyday life. This can play out by having the mental and physical strength to outsmart reckless drivers on the street to surviving natural disasters. How would you respond to a destructive tornado chasing after you while you 're driving down a dirt road? If you had doubts about the intensity of this sport, hopefully you’re thinking differently. And this it not only for what happens on the track, but what happens off it. This sport is more than driving fast - it is about being an awesome problem solver while handling extreme physical force for long periods. Do you agree? Let me know in the comment

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