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Beowulf the mightiest hero, he kills demons, fights dragons, and does everything he can for the people, but how does he stack up against today's heroes like Spider Man. Beowulf can kill monsters, demons, and demons mothers, but what about if the circumstances were swapped. What if Beowulf had to fight some of the villains that a hero like Spider Man fights? Would he still be able to boast about taking them on bare handed? Comparing Beowulf to some of the villains of the comics may not make him seem as strong or have as much battle prowess. There is no doubt that Beowulf is the unsurpassed warrior that swims great distances on a whim or rips monsters to shreds with his hands, yet some of the people that the Web-Head has to beat take more than brawn, to fight those villains he has to have brains. While Beowulf could just walk up and beat the tar out Grendel, Spidey, fighting someone comparable to Grendel like The Rhino, would need to think about what he has to do to protect the…show more content…
Beowulf greatly values the people he rules over, even thieves that steal cups and cause a huge dragon to wreak havoc on his kingdom. Instead of just throwing the thief to the lions den and letting go of just a single person he ultimately lost his life protecting a single thief, just like a modern day hero like your friendly neighborhood Spider Man. That story is close to the part of the Amazing Spider Man movie where the Web Head, despite numerous injuries and broken bones, goes to save Gwen Stacy's dad. Stacy was trying to stop the Lizard Man, or their own dragon, from hurting the city, but he was overwhelmed and almost died because the Lizard was stronger and couldn't be hurt by bullets, so the Wall Crawler saves him, almost like Wulfgar saves Beowulf. It was important because her father George Stacy doesn't like Spidey. Both of those instances show that being a hero and doing what's right is more important than their personal

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