Persuasive Essay On Betta Fish

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One of the hottest new trends in the world of aquarium fish breeding has to be the care and upkeep of betta fish. To be sure, there are many other fine examples of water creatures out there that would be well worth your while to purchase and raise. For some reason or another however, betta fish care has clearly risen to the top of the heap and by all indications this trend will continue for many more years to come.

One of the primary reasons for this seemingly worldwide infatuation with betta fish is of course the staggering beauty of these underwater denizens. The breathtaking colors and magnificent fins of these elegant creatures combine to produce a marvelous visual effect that is hard to equal in the underwater world-and indeed even above ground! Almost every color of the spectrum is well represented in the appearance of these fishes ranging from solid greens, to stunning reds with green accents on the fins, to golden yellows, to majestic turquoise and marble striped beauties...the range is virtually endless and you would be extremely hard pressed to find any two of these fishes that look exactly alike.

Far beyond any physical beauty, no matter how awesome and spectacular
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If you are and now fond yourself wanting to knopw more about these beautiful creatures, you may want to check out a betta fish guide such as the e-book Caring For Betta Fish: An Insider 's Guide For Betta Lovers. This is an ideal companion betta fish eBook for the aspiring betta fish owner although even long time betta fish owners will surely stand to gain valuable knowledge from this book too. Betta fish have the somewhat undeserved reputation for being quite finicky and difficult to care for but you will soon find out with the help of this e-book that this does not have to be the case at all. With a little care and the advice that you gain from this guide you may very well find yourself with a tank full of betta fish, all swimming away happily in the best of
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