Persuasive Essay On Bigfoot

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For many years, Bigfoot has been, without a doubt, the most recognized mystery in all of North America. Bigfoot has reportedly been sighted thousands of times since the beginning of the 19th Century. Bigfoot is sometimes referred to as Sasquatch, an Indian name, which means “hairy giant”. There have been a lot of eyewitness’s testimonies that Bigfoot is this big gigantic ape covered in thick, brownish fur and towers in at eight feet tall and weighs over six hundred pounds. Many people believe that perhaps Bigfoot is a creature from another dimension or just some phenomenal creature. The creature’s existence has accumulated a tremendous amount of evidence to support its existence. For years, people have photographed, videotaped, and have even found human feet tracks of this creature. There is a Bigfoot type creature on almost every continent, so he represents something for us as humans. What is it that Bigfoot represents? I believe that Bigfoot represents a fear of evolution in the culture known as The Bigfoot-Giganto Theory.…show more content…
This is why I am interested in this topic because it seems to make a lot of sense because species evolve through natural selection, changing and adapting and then becoming extinct. If that were true, then where does Bigfoot fall in this category especially a creature that we know little about? So The Bigfoot-Giganto Theory actually comes to play and explains the evolution process of Bigfoot.

I am also interested in this topic because as long as I can remember hearing about Bigfoot and its existence has me wondering where did Bigfoot come from? Where did this creature evolve from? The Bigfoot-Giganto theory has the answer because it states that Bigfoot is a relative of the genus Gigantopithecus, which is a “Giant Ape” a giant cousin of the orangutan. The orangutans are now presumed to be extinct, which makes The Bigfoot-Giganto
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