Persuasive Essay On Bike Helmet

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Best Bike Helmet for Cyclists and Commuters No matter the kind of riding you do, helmets are a must have bike accessory. Whether you ride the bike to work or a professional cyclists, you need a helmet. Helmet is a very important bike accessory. When it comes to protecting the head against accident or crash, helmet is the best option and the best cheap bike helmets are worth investing in. According to research, 70 percent of cyclists death are as a result of head injuries. For cyclists and commuters, helmet offers the best protection to the head. However, the kind of helmet you need will depend on your purpose of using it. There are many great helmets for professional cyclists and everyday commuters. As said earlier, the main purpose of bike helmet is to protect the head and a standard bike helmet must meet the required standard as set by individual state or country of each…show more content…
Too much of heat can damage helmet. Do not use chemical solvents on helmet. Do not share your helmet with other people. It should be for personal use only. Selecting a well fitting Helmet Buying a well fitted best budget bike helmet is good for your overall safety when riding bike. Measure your head above your eyebrows and within the head circumference. Measure it to fit perfectly. Helmet Construction Outer plastic shell The best budget bike helmets in the markets have plastic shells that helps in putting the helmet together during a crash. This also enables the helmet to protect the head from crashing during accidents. Liner This is made of expanded polystyrene foam. This also aims at protecting the head. Multi-directional impact protection system technology This aims at providing a more secure protection to the head. It is otherwise called MIPS technology. It adds additional protection in the shell. This helps to protect the brain from irrational forces that might set in during crashing. Air vents Extra padding Adjustable fitting
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