Persuasive Essay On Bill C-51

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Bill C-51, known to many as the anti-terror legislation, that may have been taken a little too far... But, Bill C-51 was created for your safety. Should you support it or not? First of all, promoting terrorism will land you 5 years in jail, according to C-51. Promoting terrorism could likely cause more terroristic acts in the future, which needs to be stopped. Perhaps if someone is caught promoting terrorism and put in jail for their unpleasant act, others would be less likely to continue the promotion of terrorism, due to the fact that they have now realized they could risk wasting 5 years of their life, in jail. In any case, it 's better to be safe than sorry. Secondly, Bill C-51 will be able to stop a terroristic act before it happens, keeping the citizens of our country safe. Since police now have…show more content…
Thirdly, C-51 now has the ability to stop both physical and online copies of material, considered by a judge to be propaganda. Propaganda is often misleading in this case, trying to persuade the viewer to join the act of terrorization. This is why Bill C-51 is trying to stop propaganda. Now, if a judge finds material to be propaganda they can ask for the content to be permanently deleted, so it can 't be used to influence and persuade others to create or take part in future terroristic acts. Since Bill C-51 now has better accessibility to information, many people are worried that their private and personal information would be invaded. This is highly unlikely, seeing that C-51 is only using this ability to put a stop to terrorism. Therefore, it would be quite rare that your personal information would be violated, unless you are a terrorist or associated with one, in which the violation of your information would be used to keep the rest of the population safe. Although many people oppose Bill C-51, I support this anti-terror legislation. I believe that Bill C-51 will provide us with a safer and more protected country to live in, that will last for
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