Persuasive Essay On Bine Watching

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Binge Watching Netflix Have you ever been so stressed before that you just want to rip your hair out? If so then keep reading. I will tell you my secret of staying cool, calm, and collected. It’s simple, watch Netflix. Watching Netflix is a relaxing pastime, because you can escape from the reality of life just by sitting in the comfort of your living room. The process of binge watching is quite simple, but there are some important steps you can’t miss to have a successful relaxing time First step of this process, is to pick the perfect day. A day where you have nothing to important to do, otherwise all you 'll be doing is thinking about what you have to do instead of ‘vegging out’ in front of your TV. The best days to pick is when the weather is not the best out. Either it’s to hot, or raining, or any precipitation for that matter. This is so that you won’t feel bad that your missing a “nice” day outside. For me I prefer binge watch on everyday no matter how nice it is outside. Second step, find the best possible snacks and…show more content…
Forth, you have to log on to Netflix and find a movie or a show. How you log on to Netflix if you don 't have one, find someone who does and doesn’t mind giving the password to you. I use my brothers, and once you have the password you can log on whenever and where ever you want. So asking for it once really does pay off because you just keep using it. Now you find the movies or the TV shows you’re going to watch. There is an order you should go in, TV series first because they’re the most time consuming and you have to think a little bit more when watching them. So in that case you should do it at the beginning when your mind is sharp. Then after you’ve watched every episode of your series move on to the movies. When picking movies I love to go in this order, scary, funny, romantic comedy, and children movies. The reason why I do the scary movie first is so when I get the the end of the children movie I forgot all about being

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