Persuasive Essay On Binge Drinking

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Binge Drinking Binge drinking is utilizing a significant amount of alcohol. College campuses represent the most significant setting of binge drinking because a college is a sociable place where people connect and get together. College drinking remains a problem and students will fight for their basic drinking rights. Colleges should enforce underage drinking laws in and around their campus because binge drinking has many disadvantages. Parents will be satisfied with the college’s decision which is to control binge drinking on campus. Parents will then know what their child is doing while away in college and whether their child has a drinking habit or not. Most importantly, when colleges enforce hese uderage drinking laws,they will affect …show more content…

Although these students are in college, they will not feel free anymore. They will feel as if they are back home with their parents because of the lack of freedom in college. Another disadvantage is trying to stop students from drinking. The process will be hard because colleges are big and there are many students across campus. Also there are liquor stores nearby at most colleges. Most of these liquor stores are selling underage students drinks. Also some students could also be making fake ID’s. Therefore, trying to stop these students from drinking will be a challenge. Students can go to nearby parties or another university to drink. Students can go off campus to drink or they can drink on …show more content…

Even if it is something minor happens, they should still be arrested or fined because anything can happen to them while away in college. These colleges should enforce their own laws about underage drinking on and around their campus. Under age binge drinking students drink excessively and there are many consequences like: death, injuries, assault, and more. Parents should be aware of the alcohol related problems at the college their child is attending and what they are doing to solve them. While these underage binge drinking students are drinking any incident can occur; therefore, laws should be enforced, even if it is something

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