Persuasive Essay On Bird Conservation

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Litter is everywhere around the United States, it is an epidemic that has had a huge affect on the world we live in today. Although many litterers do not think about the detrimental effects that their actions may have on everything around them whether its visible to the bare eye, people land, water, and in this case animal are being greatly affected. The “Bird Conservation: If You Don’t Pick It Up They Will” ad created by TBWA is an important, relative campaign because it great depiction of the effects littering and pollution can have on wildlife. This campaign is compiled of a series of three separate photos of birds, all doing the same thing.What are they doing one may ask? Well, they are all laying on the ground dead. All one sees left…show more content…
This advertisement was meant to get people thinking. In the “Crying Indian” article it is stated, “It’s not just roadside trash. It’s the culture of consumption that created that trash…” (Strand 79). It was meant to make people think about the serious topic of not only littering but pollution as a whole. It was also meant to show people that they need to start thinking about how what they do, whether it is intentional or not, has a much bigger effect than what they may have believed. These days, the problem of waste and pollution is one of the most serious issues that have such a negative affect our planet. Ginger Strand states, “Environmentalism urges us to consider the consequences of our action” (77).A great abundance of trash is thrown on the street and washed up on the shores on a daily basis. Often times people do not even think about what is happening to the trash in the streets, on the beaches, and in the oceans. What is happening one may ask? The earths wildlife is consuming it. As illustrated in the ad, they only show birds, but sadly the birds are not the only animals taking the hit. Animals all over, including an extreme amount of marine animals, have to live in the filth, that we as a world selfishly dispose of in places where trash should not

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