Narrative Essay On Black Friday

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In the U.S. most people seem to measure their happiness by the amount of things they own or how much money they have. Think of black friday for instance, how many people just go to get a good sale? Do they even need what they are buying? All my life I have been an overpacker and a person who just owns a lot of things. For any trip I go on, I pack more than enough. I like to be prepared for anything and everything. In my room I have a lot of things, and a lot of that is things that I don’t necessarily need. These things range from sport equipment to various other objects that I just have and can’t bring myself to get rid of. This past summer made me realize I have so much more than I need, and that I’m lucky to have all the things that I do have.…show more content…
As I was packing, I realized that I had no idea what to pack. I ended up packing a lot because I wanted to be prepared. Packing causes me a little bit of stress sometimes, and I always think I’m not going to pack enough. But it turns out I could have gotten by with only half the stuff I took with me. By the end of the trip, I realized that I hadn’t even worn a lot of the clothes I packed. All of the Czech people wore their clothes 3 or 4 times before they considered those clothes dirty. Some even wore the same clothes the whole week of the English Camp. Culturally, you didn’t have to be freshly showered every day and it was ok if your clothes smelled a little. I find it funny because by the end of the time I was there, I would smell my clothes and say, “It doesn’t smell as bad as some of the Czech people.” Being there made me realize that I don’t need all the clothes that I have. I’m not going to change my whole lifestyle and not shower everyday, but I think that I do have a lot. I could get rid of so much in my closet, especially since I don’t even wear half the stuff I

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