Persuasive Speech On Black Lives Matter

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Almost five years ago, George Zimmerman was charged for the second degree murder of a 17-year-old boy, Trayvon Martin. Trayvon was murdered whilst casually walking from the store where he purchased a packet of sweets and ice tea. The volunteer neighbourhood watch captain, Zimmerman, stated the murder as a self-defence after a fracas. This eventually led to people questioning their roles in society, whether the white race was “more important” than the pigmented. This was the birth of the movement titled Black Lives Matter. Many other factors besides Trayvon’s misfortune ultimately led to the movement, black people in the United States of America have always felt segregated by their government and unfortunately, the USA isn’t the only country…show more content…
People just believe that they are superior to another because of their complexion. Racism did not always exist, people believe that it was stemmed during the slavery period almost six hundred and twenty years ago. Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, a world-wide symbolic figure who suffered many years trying to discontinue the violence in South Africa during the apartheid era. Many activists strived for equality and protection as promised in the constitution. It is believed that it will take possibly a millennium before racism can be oppressed. If it can take two days for the death of 100 Black-Americans, imagine 100 years later. As Eyedea said “I’m a live wire in a dead world”, which is basically the truth in all honesty. How many additional people have to die due to the selfishness of other people? People were killed during detention where they were taken to prison for practically nothing and killed by policemen who made up lies saying “He hung from a piece of soap while washing.” The people who are meant to protect us from the horrors of the world are the misfits themselves. The world itself has become a place where reality is only a dream a one can only yearn
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