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Bleep Test (Multi-stage fitness test) The bleep test is a test, which could be used to measure levels of aerobic endurance. Which is the ability to exercise your body continuously for long or extended amounts of time without tiring. The beep test is used to determine players aerobic endurance based on their results. Many athletes that play football and also athletes that perform in other sports that require high levels of aerobic endurance use this test to determine their levels of aerobic endurance. The unit usually measured with the bleep test is known as VO2 MAX. Which is calculated to find out the maximum volume of oxygen that be used in one minute during maximal exercise. The results, which I had achieved whilst performing the bleep test, was Level 6 and Shuttle 1. Each level has a series of 20-meter shuttle runs. According to the normative data for the bleep test my results were poor for a male between the ages of 14-16 indicating that I have plenty of room for improvement in terms of aerobic endurance. Footballers need to have a high level of aerobic endurance as in football players are required to run fairly long distances repeatedly, for this the body should work at a level that the demands for oxygen can meet the body’s intake. From my results in the bleep test I have quite a few strengths and many weaknesses with…show more content…
The performer must exercise at a constant rate that would help the aerobic training. Continuous training should last for about 20 minutes when starting and then the intensity would increase to help boost the training program. If continuous training were to be used in football it would mean running at moderate intensity continuously without rest periods. This type of training is important for me as on of my main weaknesses is the ability to run continuously which is shown through my results in the bleep test which is an example of continuous

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