Persuasive Essay On Body Exercise

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We are in the digital age, where people’s everyday lives revolve around their smartphones and computers, and some people needs to stay in front of their desktop all day because that is what they do for a living. As much as they want to workout, most of them would rather spend their time with family or some even work late nights that they can 't really find time to have some exercise that that body need. If you are one of these people, then worry no more because you can definitely do some exercises while you 're sitting down. Don’t let work get in the way of staying fit and healthy, do this anytime and you can always share this to your co-workers so that they would get all the exercise that they need as well.


People who work at their desk for about 8 hours every single day of the week, tend to have a problem with their posture because even if you are sitting down, it can be very difficult for the body to maintain good posture since it also gets tired and especially if you don 't get enough exercise. The back should be straight and your computer monitor should be at the same level with your eyes. You may adjust the height of your screen in you have to look up or down. It is not just your back though, your wrists also have some duty to do and it is by not laying it down on the mouse pad or the keyboard. This will lead to the carpal tunnel syndrome which compresses the wrists and it will be painful and slowly weaken as time goes by.

Your knees must
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