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We are in the digital age, where people’s everyday lives revolve around their smartphones and computers, and some people needs to stay in front of their desktop all day because that is what they do for a living. As much as they want to workout, most of them would rather spend their time with family or some even work late nights that they can 't really find time to have some exercise that that body need. If you are one of these people, then worry no more because you can definitely do some exercises while you 're sitting down. Don’t let work get in the way of staying fit and healthy, do this anytime and you can always share this to your co-workers so that they would get all the exercise that they need as well.


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You can rotate your ankles clockwise and counter clock wise for about 5 seconds each. This exercise can be done to help strengthen your ankle’s flexibility and it will also help out when it comes to preventing sprains.

• Neck Stretching

You can start by slowly flexing your head from the back to the front and vice versa for a couple times then switch from side to side, while looking from left to right. This is probably the easiest exercise on this list because it can be done anytime, even while you 're in the middle of work. It works wonders especially to release the tension from your neck. However, it is best not to roll your head around even if this is probably what most people do, because this might actually damage some of your neck joint muscles.

• Stretch Those Arms

Sitting and typing all day long because of your job, can give you problems with your arms. So it is best to try this arm stretches that you can definitely do while sitting in front of your computer desk. Try stretching the muscles in your right arm by pretending to reach for something as far as possible to your left. You may support your arm by putting it in between or the crook of your left elbow while holding it still for about 5 seconds as

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