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Bodybuilding diet
Some people say that exercise fitness 70% by nutrition, 30% by training, this argument is ridiculous. Bodybuilding has three thousand elements, namely 100% nutrition, 100% training and 100% psychological motivation. Every aspect is equally important, ignoring one of them, the effect will never be ideal.

Beginners tend to be all the energy into training and neglect of nutrition, in fact, there is no suitable nutrition any training is in vain. Should be based on their own physical characteristics, to develop a plan, and persevere in compliance with the implementation.

starting point

First, find out what you are taking and consuming calories. If the weight remains the same, the calorie intake and consumption are roughly equal.
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I often add some extra vitamin C. It helps to enhance the functioning of the immune system and help repair tendons. Studies have shown that: vitamin c can reduce the secretion of adrenaline, which play a role in inhibiting catabolism. To these nutritional supplements for the foundation, and then use a few weeks to try to add a new nutritional supplements, such as creatine, glutamic acid and so on. But do not try more than once, only one trial can find out whether it is effective.


Diet to try to prevent laissez-faire habits, but do not harsh on their own. If you control yourself too tightly, then the diet becomes a chore, psychologically unfavorable to you. If you are in the race, of course, can not be chaos. If you just want to increase the muscle mass, then one or two times a week does not matter.

Recommended to the beginner 's diet plan

Here is an example of a day 's diet. It contains 3200 kcal of calories and 268 grams of protein, meal time is for reference only, according to training time and living habits for appropriate adjustments. Calories and protein grams should also be adjusted according to their own circumstances.

First Dayton

Morning 7:00 calories (kcal) protein (g) six egg white, 2-3 egg yolk 20027 oatmeal 2008


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