Persuasive Essay On Bottled Water

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Have you ever wondered what your actually drinking? Do you trust the water that comes straight out of the tap, or do you spend your hard earned money on bottled water? Well, don 't drink another drop of water until you hear this! Do you actually think the Evian company derive from the summit of the French alps. Collecting 1-2mls of water per day, a journey that takes 15 long years during which the water will become purified and lay dent with minerals?
So what water is the best for you?

Well all know that water is an essential part of life and is great for our health and wellbeing, after all we 're made out of 65% water. But does that go for all types of water? Could certain types of water actually be ruining our health and wellbeing. Since our blood has a pH level of 7.0 - 7.6, which is slightly more alkaline than acid. I 'm going to say that bottled water is the best water on the market. I 've always found that tap water had a strange taste to it. But what bottled water is the best for you? Out of the 5 most popular water bottles I strongly believe that Arrowhead is the best water by far, it tasted fresher than all the other bottled water on the market.

As I 'm keen to know what water is the best for you, I 've got different brands of bottled water, tap water and ionized water to sample through the experiment I am going to observe the waters pH level and the ingredients within the water to determine what water you should really be

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