Persuasive Essay On Boxer Dogs

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Has there been a situation where it was hard to find, out what type of dog to get? I had that trouble too, but I always decided that I wanted to get a Siberian Husky. Instead of getting a Boxer or a Shetland Sheepdog (Shelties), I should get a Siberian Husky. They all have a background, the cost for purebred, the cost for adoption, and certain ways to take care of them. Boxers are a good dog to have, and Boxers have a lot of history. The boxer was a man made breed in the 1800’s. People found out that in the 1800’s the Boxers was found by crossing two breeds of dogs (“American Boxer Club”). According to Wagner, “ The large hound evolved by crossing the Bullenbeisser with the old type Wolf or Deerhound (The Great Dane) (quoted in “American…show more content…
Boxers love to slobber and are gassy (“Boxer dogs”). The cost to get a purebred Boxer puppy is $1,995 and it also depends on the person who is selling the puppy. It costs this much to get a purebred Boxer puppy, because the mother and the father are just Boxers (“Rousey”). The cost to adopt a Boxer when they are puppies which arranges between $360-$1,000. Some of the prices that cost for the Boxers range because it depends on the person that is selling the puppy for adoption. Boxers need care for but not a lot as much as any other breed (“Boxers”). They will need to be brushed once every week, and they need really good nutrition. This means that they will need a minimum of grooming, but they need a lot of nutrition (“Boxer dogs”). I love Boxers; however they are not the breed of dog that I want to have. Boxers are cute dogs to have, but they are full of energy, they never stop barking when there is a slight noise, and they always like to jump on every person that will walk through the door. They are always jumping on everyone and/or everything. They will like to chew on everything not just their toys. Boxers always want attention if they do not get attention they will jump on people and start to lick until they get attention. Always need to…show more content…
In the early 1800’s is when they also had a Collie mate with a Icelandic dog. Which means that the Icelandic dog and the Border Collie makeup Shelties. 1904 the American Kennel Club changed its name to Shetland Sheepdog, because Shelties used to be called Shelties (“History of the breed”). 1911 Shelties were recognized by the American Kennel Club. They also were ranked the 21st most popular dog breed from the American Kennel Club. This means that the American Kennel Club recognized Shelties as a breed, and that they are the 21st popular dog breed. According to the American Kennel Club, Shelties have six colors and zero markings. Which means that they have 6 different colors and that they do not have any markings. Shelties have a bad separation anxiety if they are left by themselves for long. They need mental exercise, and their bark is a really high-pitched, piercing voices. Praise, gentle guidance, and food rewards are the way to go with Shelties if they do a trick or they were good while their owners are gone (“Shetland Sheepdog”). Shelties enjoy a good run because they are active. They are bright, playful, energetic are the personalities of a Sheltie. Shelties are a medium sized dog along with the medium energy (“Shetland Sheepdog (Sheltie)”). The cost to get a purebred Sheltie is $2,150 but it depends on the person who is also

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