Persuasive Essay On Boxing

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If one would want to get a feel for the era he lives in, for the generation, he would only need to turn on the radio to hear the music, to go to the mall to see the clothes, and to turn on the television and see a boxing match. Despite the rising popularity of cage fighting, boxing is a sport that still captures the imaginations of fight-fans around the world, especially in the United States, and has done so since the sport first originated. The past two centuries, though, the sport of boxing has placed a more central role in American sports, for some of the first African-American world champions earned and first gained their recognition as all-time great athletes in not baseball or basketball, but in boxing. With this being said, boxing is also a sport that has mirrored the existing conditions and…show more content…
This fight was not expected to be a slugfest, per se, but what made the fight particularly interesting was that Schmeling kept on telling the public that he had “seen something” in Louis’s style that would cost him the matchup. That “something,” Schmeling later revealed, was that whenever Louis would throw a lead jab, his would lower his lead arm down to his waist, leaving his face and jaw exposed. Come the fight, Schmeling is in the best fighting shape of his life and confident he will beat Louis, but Louis’s confident is akin to Schmeling’s. The determining factor, however, was that Schmeling was in shape and Louis was not. Louis came out strong as he always had in the opening rounds, but he started to fatigue in the mid-rounds and, as Schmeling anticipated, Louis kept dropping his lead arm after he jabbed—and Schmeling took advantage of that. By the twelfth round, Schmeling was far ahead on the scorecards and, finally, after a brutal three-punch combination to the “head, body and head,” Schmeling knocks down Louis and Louis is out for the
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