Persuasive Essay On Brave New World

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The book, Brave New World, by Aldous Huxley introduces a theoretical world where life is simple and content. The new world is made up of human beings that are conditioned for predestined roles in what is called the World State. The World State uses a cloning process to create clones that are conditioned to perform identical tasks at identical machines. This process is one of the tools used to implement the World State’s motto: “Community, Identity, Stability.” This motto and world tend to resemble worlds of utopia, where everything is perfect and there are no highs and lows in life. In the World State, the people live in a dystopia. In this dystopia, a world of anonymous and dehumanized people are dominated by a government that is created by…show more content…
If I was to take the blue pill, it would mean leaving them. I don't care what anybody says, I could not leave my mother and father because I know how much losing me would hurt them. I also could never do that because they have made many sacrifices in their lives for me. For example, the last seventeen years of my life and their lives have been devoted to raising me and providing me with a healthy life. By taking the pill and just leaving them it would be more than not fair. It would destroy two of the closest bonds between human beings, the connections between mother and son and father and son. In the blue pill world, I would be created and produced so I would have no idea of family and that relationship in life because, “every one belongs to every one else.” Many of my best memories are of times with my family and friends. Also in the blue pill world, it would damper the ability for humans to make meaningful relationships. Throughout my life, I have had a number of friends I have grown close to and spent lots of time with. These relationships are very important to me. I have shared many laughs and great times with my friends and I cannot imagine a life where I did not make these types of relationships with
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