Persuasive Essay On Breaking Bad Sports

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First it was online poker. Now it’s daily fantasy sports that’s caught in the crosshairs of the New York Mafia. The Attorney General of New York State Eric Schneiderman has ordered FanDuel and DraftKings to stop taking bets from New Yorkers.

Schneiderman has determined daily fantasy sports to be illegal gambling and he intends to save you poor peasants from the pitfalls of illegal activities like betting a dollar that your fantasy football lineup is better than mine.

There are smaller DFS websites that the attorney general could have included in his investigation, but I assume he wanted to get to the two heads of the DFS families that would make the biggest splash possible.

This Vito Corleone is setting up DraftKings and FanDuel to meet
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The hypocrisy of the lotto games not being the same as gambling is sickening at best.

New Yorkers should also employ any way possible to keep playing on the DFS site of their choice. If that means changing an IP address or getting a Paypal account set up in another state that has more freedom than New York, then why not? Breaking bad laws isn’t immoral. Breaking bad laws may be one of the most moral acts possible and one of the best expressions of freedom that a supposedly free populace can make.

I sure hope DraftKings and FanDuel survive the hit put out on them by New York’s Attorney General. I feel like daily fantasy sports will survive, unlike online poker for a couple of reasons.

For one, fantasy football which drives DFS is immensely more popular than online poker ever could have been. Surely players like me won’t just stand aside while “our” government just crushes this innovative new hobby.

Next and more importantly, DFS companies have major investors including Jerry Jones of the Cowboys, the NBA, Google Capital, Fox Sports, Major League Baseball, The Madison Square Garden Company and Legends, The Kraft Group (owners of the New England Patriots) and
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