Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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Knowledge and proficiency about the causes of the different types of cancer is crucial to preclude more cases in the future. However, it seems like every day there are new things that are said that should be avoided because they could cause cancer. More myths are spread easily and widely because of modern technology. But thanks to the unending research efforts, more knowledge about what actually causes and prevents cancer is now available. Since this month is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, everybody should know about the common myths regarding the causes of this type of cancer. Over one out of four cases of breast cancer could be precluded. There are actually causes that can be avoided, you just might be surprised by what’s not included in…show more content…
There’s actually some proof that this could happen, but only in very little amounts. Experiments conducted on plastics don’t really show how people use these products so the amount is more likely further beneath the unsafe levels. Milk Myths There have been plenty of questions lately about milk, general dairy products, and the effect of hormones on the risk of breast cancer. Multiple studies have investigated how people’s food and drink intake could affect everyone’s cancer risk. The World Cancer Research Fund frequently gives updates about the consensus based on all the research. A comprehensive review has discovered that there’s no connection between dairy consumption and breast cancer. Some studies have actually suggested that a possible decrease in the risk of bowel cancer was observed from dairy consumption, but the evidence is not significant enough to make some declarations or to provide some specific advice for the general population. Genetics May not Play that Much of a…show more content…
The most well-known of these genes is called the BRCA. However, the amount of breast cancer cases triggered by the inherited defective genes is fewer than the common belief gotten from media attention. Only fewer than 3 out of 100 cases of breast cancer are caused by these inherited defective genes. What Actually Affects the Risk of Breast Cancer? It’s unfeasible and unattainable to absolutely know for sure what triggered every breast cancer. The findings gathered from years of research have revealed though, that there are some things that can aid you in lessening your risk of breast cancer. These are: maintaining a healthy weight, drinking less alcohol, and being physically active. However, there are some factors that you won’t be able to control like getting older. Some are hard to avoid like taking HRT and being exposed to radiation. These are both medical procedures that are needed to treat some other health conditions. Women should be aware of this fact when they make some healthcare decisions. Breastfeeding actually lessens the risk, but not everyone is capable of doing this and there are aspects that could impact this decision for

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