Persuasive Essay On Breastfeeding In Public

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How often have you observed people glaring at women breastfeeding in public as if this woman is participating in a lewd act? The majority of us have witnessed a breastfeeding mother in public and have either adorned the mother and child bond or have felt shocked and left in disbelief that a mother wouldn’t go into a private fully covered area out of sight of others. To those feeling uncomfortable in a situation as such should realize it is a natural occurrence to use the breast in a non-sexual way to nurture their child when beckoned no matter the time and place. Breastfeeding one’s child is a beautiful and wondrous gift that a mother and society should embrace and celebrate. Women have a right to breastfeed in public because this is all the nutrients her baby needs for the first six months, there are even laws to protect her breastfeeding rights, rarely if at all is there designated private breastfeeding areas, the positive health benefits alone should be reason enough for women to breastfeed and when turning to alternatives such as using breast pumps or bottle feeding can be difficulties for both mother and baby.
A mother’s right to feed, bond and nurture her baby by breastfeeding is considered the best start of life. According to American Academy of Pediatrics Policy Statement (2012), exclusive breastfeeding should be the only nutrients the baby needs for the first six months of their life, then continued breastfeeding for up to one year or longer with other foods

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