Persuasive Essay On Britney Lands

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If that title didn 't grab your attention, then this next bit of information just might. Britney Spears may be alien. Don 't click away just yet, this argument actually holds water. The washed up pop artist has a long history with space themed music video 's. Previously, many thought it was just some weird obsession or bad advice from the producer but it could be more than that. Britney 's from space. Due to her expertise, perhaps we will see her comeback in the way of a new NASA anthem. BRITNEY SPEAR 'S IS SPACE OBSESSED Many artists have taken their music videos to space, but very few do so in the way Britney Spears does. It almost seems as she 's obsessed with space. Maybe Britney is really the world 's biggest closet Star Trek fan. Either that or she 's an alien. Both scenarios would explain her bizarre behavior. Alien or not, Britney Spears clearly loves space. NASA should take a look at her 2015 music video for "Pretty Girls". In the video, her sidekick Iggy Azalia is an alien. They go around causing all kinds of mischief only to be abducted by in the end. Riveting, I know. Now, I 'm no expert on art interpretation, but it seems that Britney is saying she wants NASA to send her up to be the first human contact for…show more content…
NASA ANTHEM NEXT FOR BRITNEY? If that video wasn 't evident enough, take her video for "Kill the Lights" into consideration. The video is a clear message that Britney Spears fears the flashing bulbs of the paparazzi. After all, light radiation is very sensitive to the skin of aliens. It also causes mental illness in the beings. This again explains Britney 's erratic personality. The music video even has a scene with her visiting a planet inhabited by lightbulb aliens. It seems that she certainly has the interest and material to create a killer NASA anthem but it seems they already have one of their own. SPACE MUSIC FROM
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