Persuasive Essay On Building A Guitar

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When looking for a guitar what exactly do you want to look for? The color, size, sound, texture, brass, nylon, etc. not all guitars are the same, nearly never the same. Different guitars have different sounds and pitches when built, put together and played. Tonewoods have a major factor in what the guitar looks like and sounds. The quality and structure of the wood is a very important factor on how the instrument is built. ¨various woods have distinct sound qualities, especially when used for the top, back, and sides of the acoustic guitar¨.
From the neck all the way down to the soundboard all of it has a purpose for building a guitar. Strings, hardware, the types of paint, above all the wood matters. Not all the woods are suitable for use in the guitar, to qualify as good guitar wood, the wood must be strong enough to hold up structurally, but also have the tonal characteristics that a luthier is looking for. Each of
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Pros: When building your own guitar, you can specify every element that belongs on the guitar from the tuners to the tailpiece. Starting from scratch and going through the entire process of designing and building a guitar will teach you a lot about guitars and give a greater appreciation about the history and working with wood. It is a great hobby once you get it, but your first build is way more challenging than bargaining for. There is a lot of work and planning required to build a guitar. A successful project will also include significant research. Solid body guitars are a much less challenging project than building a semi- or fully hollow bodied guitar. Cons: Do not expect to build a masterpiece right out of the gate. There are countless small details that are easy to overlook at the first build. Errors can be costly and frustrating. If you think that you will be saving money by building your own guitars, that will quickly be relieved of that notion (probably before you

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