Persuasive Essay On Bullying

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One of it is held awareness campaign at school about the dangers of bullying and how to avoid it. It is important because most of the students nowadays are not exposed with the criminal activities that always occur among them and one of it is bully. Schools must invite a police officer to tell all the students about the dangers of bullying more details, such as the effect and punishment to the bully. With this way, students will feel intimidated and do not dare to involve in bully criminals. In addition, during the campaign, there should be an exhibition and video show related to bullying case and how to prevent from being bullied. Through this campaign, students will be exposed on how to react when being bullied or witnessing a bullying and they will be more aware about the bullying problems at school. Other than that, students can take initiative to prevent from being bullied or the bully itself. If before this, some of the students seems does not care about the bully and bully’s victim because this things are not happen to them, but after the awareness campaign at school, they will be more alert about bullying as they have been vulnerable to it and become more concern about it. Usually, it is greater difficulty for the victims of bullying in making friends and will always being lonely (Nansel, 2001).
William Pollack, a psychologist, once says, "Research shows that the success of any program is 60% grounded in whether the same kinds of approaches are used at home", it

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