Problem Solution Essay: The Problem Of Bullying In Schools

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Bullying is defined as repeated oppression, physical or psychological of a less powerful individual by a more powerful individual, people or group. It consists of three main types of abuse which are physical, verbal and emotional. Bullying in schools is a common and worldwide spread problem that can have critical and negative implications on the general school climate as well as on the right of students to study in a safe and secure environment without fear. Many people believe that bullying is part of life, happens in all schools and so it’s not an issue to worry about and that it lets individuals know what life is all about as it toughens them but in reality bullying is a detrimental problem that affects most school going children and teenagers physically, emotionally and socially. Historically, the most momentous turning point of bullying happened in the mid 1970’s where a research professor of psychology Dan Olweus, conducted an intensive…show more content…
One of the challenges includes job responsibilities and expectations. The law enforcement community and officers may have varying responsibilities when it comes to their jobs, missions as well as professional cultures with varying expectations in regards to the definition of bullying, what constitutes suitable response4s to bullying and the ways it can be prevented. Law enforcement officers and school personnel’s more often operate according to various rules. For instance, school officials have a set of school rules and codes to enforce while law enforcement officers must at all times uphold the law. Another challenge is negative perception. In some cases, the communities in and around schools develop a negative perception towards law enforcement personnel’s and the roles they play in schools and in working towards addressing specific issues like

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