Persuasive Essay On Buying A Dog

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Owning a dog or puppy gives pleasure to millions of people, however the choice of which breed of dog to purchase deserves more thought that it typically receives.
Owning a dog or puppy is a big responsibility, yet someone who has little time to exercise their pet or is away from home for long periods, often buys a breed which is very demanding, which leads to a poor relationship between them and their dog. There are numerous breeds of dog in the world so the choice of which breed to purchase can be extremely daunting. One of the best methods of seeing which breeds of dog are available is to visit dog shows, where you can see the dogs up close and ask questions to existing owners. Find out as much as you can about the breed of dog you are interested in; Can you afford to feed the dog or puppy? Can you provide the right type of housing or living environment? Will you be able to provide the correct level of exercise for the dog and at the right times?
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It is a sad fact but many dogs are abandoned because they have grown too large for their owners to cope with their demands.
Think about the practical aspects of owning a particular breed of dog. If it is a long haired breed, then you’ll need more time to groom its coat. If you buy a female dog, then they will come into season twice a year and have to be kept away from male dogs to avoid mating.
Many people start by buying a puppy but there are lots of adult dogs available who are looking for a good home and are often well trained and ready to fit into a loving family or home environment.
Think about the financial aspect of owning a dog or puppy; Can you afford veterinary bills? Does the dog have specific nutritional requirements or food

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