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Many sailors, even seasoned yachters, are unaware of cabin chartering and don't realize that this is a viable chartering option. However, you can't try something you don't know about, so what is a cabin charter? A cabin charter is the option to charter a single cabin on a yacht rather than the entire yacht. This option is the perfect solution for sailors on a budget, or vacationers who don't wish to have to deal with the work and responsibility involved in sailing their own charter. I wish I had known about this when I was young and determined to explore the world!

What Is a Cabin Charter?

A cabin charter allows you to charter a cabin instead of a yacht, but that doesn't limit you on how you can charter a cabin. Cabins can be chartered for single individuals, couples, or families and groups, and there are many destinations and types of
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I was fortunate that I usually had family, or a friend to vacation with, but I have met plenty of people of the years that have stated they couldn't sail because they didn't know anyone else with a shared interest. Chartering a cabin offers an individual a cheap option to travel aboard a yacht. Price can often keep an interested individual from sailing, but a cabin charter is an affordable alternative to sailing the yacht yourself. You can realize your dreams, set sail for the destination of your choice, and never have to worry about taking charge of the boat. Simply sit back and take it all in!

Ideal for New Sailors

Cabin chartering is perfect for first time sailing, especially if you don't have someone to accompany you. Not every sailor has a friend or loved one that shares their desire to sail, so this option allows that individual to experience the adventure of sailing with other likeminded people. If you have been putting off sailing due to the fact that no one wants to sail with you, you now have no excuse with a cabin charter!

Choosing a Cabin
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