Persuasive Essay On Caffeine

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43. Careful with the Caffeine If you have seriously dry skin it may be time to reflect on your life choices. If you’re a caffeine fiend then that may be your issue. Save your caffeine hit for your morning brew and start replacing everything else with good old-fashioned water. Add some fruit to it if you’re desperate for more flavor. 44. The Savior of Skin If you want to improve your skin tone, have smoother skin and fewer wrinkles then you should choose an exfoliant that contains alpha hydroxy acid (or beta). Alpha hydroxy acid is especially effective for skin that is dry and/or sun damaged, while beta hydroxy acid is ideal for skin that is prone to blackheads and acne. 45. Sunblock It doesn’t matter what skin tone you have or what the weather is like, you should always apply sunblock before you head out, and go for an SPF 30. 46. Upgrade Your Eyewear Whether you wear glasses or contacts if you haven’t had your eyes checked a while you could be squinting unnecessarily. Instead of risking fine lines around your eyes, make the optician an annual thing. 47. SPF Indoors Even if you have no plans to step outside, if you are driving a long distance, or sit next to glass in your home or at the office you should be applying sunblock. Glass isn’t a UV filter, so make sure you are always protected. 48. Yogurt on Your Face To cool your skin, keep it pH balanced and control inflammation apply natural yogurt to your face and leave it for five minutes. 49. Stimulation

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