Persuasive Essay On California Drought

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California's Devastating Drought
For the past five years California has been in a severe drought. California’s drought has only gotten worse. Rain has been scarce; lakes have been reduced to puddles; and water consumption is being closely monitored. The drought is a common topic for Californians. While some people listen to their conscience and even have a phobia of wasting water, others are careless and do not think twice before using mass amounts of water. Every Californian needs to have water conservation in the forefront of their mind. We need to do what is right and required of us as California citizens. Fortunately, there are steps that Californians can do to reduce the amount of water that is used as well as progressive technology
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In 2013, history was made as one of the driest years recorded in California's history. While Sacramento's average rainfall is 18 inches, last year the city only received 5.74 inches of rain. Los Angeles was no exception, setting an all-time low record of 3.4 inches of rain. “After two record dry years and the worry of a third consecutive dry year, the state anticipates that it will only be able to deliver five percent of the water that agencies have requested” (“Drought History”). These facts should scare Californians into taking drastic measures to preserve…show more content…
While we cannot control the rainfall, we are compelled to conserve and create water. There is a pond that I pass by every day when I drive to school. Through the last five years, it has greatly decreased in size and what was once green foliage surrounding it is now withered. This visual reminder reminds me to think carefully about how others and I use and waste water. While the Rainmaker is a great solution to the drought, there are steps that Californians can take to reduce their water consumption. Taking shorter showers, stop watering lawns and gardens and recycling water are easy steps in conserving our water intake. As Californians, we have the privilege of taking care of our state. We need to educate ourselves on how to legally conserve our precious water so that future generations have a beautiful state to

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