Persuasive Essay On Campus Violence

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Have you ever been in a situation in which you’ve felt as if your life was at risk? Throughout the country there have been multiple reports of violence taking place on college campuses. College students can be seen as a relatively easy target, due to the mere fact that in almost all cases, they are defenseless. This is an issue that is guaranteed to recur considering the fact that a majority of college campuses do not permit weapons. Students have a right to defend themselves just like every other citizen, however college campuses implemented these nonsensical rules that almost completely take away students rights, and causes them to become vulnerable. This is why we must try to persuade schools to allow students to protect themselves on campus…show more content…
That is frightening considering the fact that one student was able to bring multiple weapons on campus even though they were prohibited, and inflict harm upon other students that couldn't even defend themselves. That's something that will not only haunt the University, but teachers, faculty, and fellow classmates of those students forever. Colleges must understand that at any moment an unstable student, or faculty member could cause complete and utter chaos on their campus, and leave it regarded to as a dangerous environment, which could potentially keep the school from receiving funding, or even keep students from applying. Considering all of the negative things that come with not having weapons on campus, they could almost be seen as a necessity for college students. When people hear the word “weapon” the first that that typically crosses their mind is guns. That is not the case at all. Students should be able to have a variety of non lethal weapons to defend themselves with such as tasers, pepper spray, and blades. If colleges truly care about the safety of their students, they should act
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