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Are you feeling too tired? Losing a sexual drive? Craving for sweets? You might have a candida symptom. We may not feel familiar with that as the symptoms are often difficult to diagnose. However, before we go further, here is what you need to know about.. Candida: What Is It? We all have candida, without ever realizing it. Candidat is a fungus that is commonly found in humans’ intenstines, mouths, and skin. Candida, a single-cell organism is found in colonies. According to a Harvard University fellow in infectious disease, Julia Koehler, Candida plays an important role in causing predominant fungal infection behind diseases affecting humans. When it is in proper level (in our body), candida helps our digestion and absorption of nutrients.…show more content…
There is no evidence that supports the symptoms of yeast infection. And there is no clinically-based statement that support candida diet as the best solution to treat any serious medical conditions. The main benefit of candida diet plan is you feel better as you cut off your sugar and flour intake and replace them with complex carbohydrates. Myths of Candida • Strict candida is a medicine A strict candidate diet plan sound too impossible to most people. This diet may improve your yeast infection, however, that does not heal you. The diet cannot get rid of all candidate, but only keeps it more balanced. You can reduce the candida overgrowth by reducing high-sugar food. • Probiotics cures yeast infections There are lots of probiotic drinks at stores. The high-quality ones can be effective in controlling the amount of candida, however, no clinica evidence that they can cure your candida symptoms. • Heavy metals can cause candida Despite being healthy and rich in important nutrients, some fish are not recommended as they contain mercury (such as mackerel). Eliminating mercury is a good option to cleanse our body, but there is no supporting scientific evidence that it can cure…show more content…
A yeast infection has nothing to do with infertility. A high-level of stress, low quantity of sperms, and problems with reproductive systems are among the main factors that cause infertility. • All yeast infections have vaginal discharge Many women suffering from candida overgrowth do not have a discharge. • Yeast infection is not sexually transmitted disease (STD), so no treatment is needed Yes, it is true that yeast infection is not STD, however, the infection can be transmitted through sexual intercourse. Therefore, prevention is the best medicine. Couples must be treated for a yeast problem at the same time and maintain cleanliness before and after the intercourse. Whether you want to adopt candida diet plans or not, you had better talk to your health provider first. It is to anticipate the further risks that might occur (such as constipation). In addition, your doctor will tell you what to eat and what to do to anticipate a nutrient deficiency while adopting this diet. What you need to remember, no matter which diet plan you choose, this will be adjusted to your need, health conditions, and so on. You cannot expect the same result as people are

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