Persuasive Essay On Capital Punishment

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Capital punishment is the legal sanction of killing someone punishable for a crime. It is also referred to as the death penalty. People often receive this punishment for committing murder. Treason, drug offenses, and espionage can also be subjected to the death penalty. As mentioned in Understanding Social Problems, “In 2014, 22 countries carried out 607 executions excluding the thousands of people who are thought to have been executed in China (Mooney, 133). The Supreme Court of the United States of America believes that capital punishment is lawful. I agree with the Supreme Court, but only to an extent because sometimes capital punishment is justified and sometimes it is not. I believe capital punishment is constitutional in some instances, because if someone commits a crime where other people are harmed or killed with malicious intent should be considered for the capital punishment. Crimes such as terrorism, mass killings, or using a weapon of mass destruction to harm people. Capital Punishment saves money. Mooney says, “Capital punishment advocates suggest that executing a convicted murderer relieves taxpayers of the costs involved in housing, feeding, guarding, and providing medical care for inmates” (Mooney, 134). The government would rather save money than spend money on someone who has committed a heinous crime. Some people believe that capital punishment will stop convicted felons from committing more crimes. In, reality that is not the case because people will
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