Persuasive Essay On Capital Punishment

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Quietness fills the room as the prison guard receives the command to begin the execution. All the anticipation building up for this moment, the years of legal battles and countless people who suffered in the wake of the crime has all come down to this one moment; the guard pulls the switch "zap" and just like that everything returns to normal or does it? Capital punishment, known to most as the death penalty, is the most severe punishment one can receive for committing the most deleterious crimes. Although capital punishment restricts the freedom of convicted criminals, the death penalty is a fair punishment for certain crimes because it protects the integrity of the judicial system. Capital punishment is widely considered one of the most controversial topics involving the American judicial system with its legalization varying from state to state. Currently, nineteen states have abolished the death penalty and four more have governed imposed moratoriums on the issue. The execution of criminals was practiced by all cultures until the late nineteenth century, when prison systems were put into place, giving an alternative to execution. In the United States, the first execution occurred in 1608 with the most recent taking place just last week. The Fifth amendment states, “no person shall be deprived of life... without due process of law"(Constitution of The United States of America), implying for an execution to take place legal procedures, such as arrest, indictment, and trial
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