Persuasive Essay On Capital Punishment

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Ted Bundy and Ronnie Lee Gardner both murders who were caught and sent to jail under one sentence, Capital Punishment. Capital Punishment also known as the death penalty is served for the most dangerous people in their country of origin. Most people who get the death penalty are mass murderers. So, why do some people want to get it abolished? Capital Punishment should not be abolished because it lowers the chance of the person escaping, it takes dangerous people off the streets, and it lower the crime rates. There is an article on the website Business Insider that shows pictures of the inside of a Texas death row inmates cell. What these images are showing is the living conditions of these death row inmates they don’t have any windows, the cells are tiny, meals are served through a slot, and they only get one hour outside but its in a small cage. In another Business Insider article a former prison guard that was part of “death watch” in Georgia talks about what it was like working there and talks about how they guarded the death row inmates in the quote “The death row inmate is immediately placed under "death watch" prior to his execution. Here they are by themselves and watched by two guards at all times.” (Lutz & Giang). What this quote means is that once they are given the execution sentence by the governor they are watched by death watch until their execution day than they are watched by execution squad until their death. Also in the same article by Business Insider

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