Persuasive Essay On Capital Punishment

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At the very young age, we have been taught which is right and wrong. We have been told that murder is sinful and the biggest sin that human do is stealing someone’s life. Capital punishment is defined as a legal process of punishment where a person is being executed by government. Capital punishment stirs up fierce debate for decades, whether or not it is acceptable for the state to deprive someone’s life as a form of punishment. Capital punishment should be eliminated from our legal systems because capital punishment does not deter the level of crime and it is morally wrong and inefficient for the states.

Firstly, The main argument in favor of death penalty is to deter killer, many people argue that capital punishment can prevent people from committing crime. People think that people will be discouraged to do crime if they know they will face the final punishment. However, most records shows that capital punishment does not influence crime. In the United States, the south has the highest record of excecutions for 80% however, the number of murder rate is not decreasing. (Deathpenaty,2015). On the contrary, it has the highest murder rate compare to other regions in Unites States. Capital punishment is not the important factor for the decreasing number of crime in America. It does not affect 1% of violent crimes (Foster, Jacobs, & Siegel, 1992). These prove that excecution fails to support a detterence justifications for the death penalty. According to the statistics from
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