Persuasive Essay On Car Racing

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As the driver takes turn 11 on the Marina Bay Street Circuit in Singapore he loses control of the car and crashes into the barricade. The corner marshalls around the track race toward the car and its occupant to assist with debris and making sure the driver is safe. The driver sustained minor injuries but the car is wrecked, so what made sure that he wasn’t fatally wounded? Ever since 1952, there have been 52 deaths in Formula One racing alone and much more in the other branches of automotive racing. Many of these different automotive racing branches have worked to improve the safety of the tracks and cars, to prevent fatal injuries from occurring. Throughout the season there are many crashes throughout each track the racers drive on that…show more content…
The drivers still race knowing these risks, but there should be a way to prevent drivers from being severely injured, or fatally wounded. Throughout the years there have been many ideas of different ways to increase the safety factor in all forms of automotive racing. “ As the car came to its horrifically sudden stop, laws of physics kept Adam's head hurtling in the direction of impact--laterally to the right and slightly forward. The only tethers holding his head to his body were his neck muscles and spinal column, which came under enormous stress.” (Hinton). Since Adam Petty’s unfortunate accident many people have had numerous concerns about the safety of all drivers, although Adam Petty’s deaths were definitely not the one to make people ponder the safety. Way before Adam Petty there was a lot of deaths that decrease throughout the years but gave many concerns to safety marshalls, and spectators.”History tells us that it often takes tragic incidents to make people stop and think."(Jenkins) This comment made by Nick Harvey, Team Manager for the PPI Motorsports Winston Cup Team, is very true, because if there were no deaths or injury in the sport then you would continue on the same path until something does happen. These deaths made people stop and think what could be done differently to avoid a death or avoid being badly injured in a
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