Short Essay On Carbon Energy

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Being the head of an international organization that looks over the sustainability of all of our resources, the organization has witnessed the demand for electricity increase over the past couple of decades. Carbon energy has come a long way from the start. Carbon energy is now one of the most developed and reliable sources. But, the problem is that we have become too dependent on carbon-based resources to help meet the demand of the people. Now, this resource has created a plethora of omissions in today’s world, one of them being that they contribute to global warming and are not sustainable. So, carbon-energy is not the way to go. Recently, scientists have discussed about using low-carbon energy to meet the demands from growing population and for future generations. Carbon energy is not a sustainable, nor is it a clean resource that will help our chance of reducing the effects of global warming. Carbon energy is energy where fossil fuels are burned to create energy. The problem with burning these fossil fuels is that it produces greenhouse gases that destroy the ozone layer, as well as contributing to global warming. These gases are called carbon dioxide and sulfur oxide. These gases are known to cause respiratory issues within animals and people. Another issue with carbon energy is the people working…show more content…
This means that although low-carbon energy is emitting lower amounts of carbon, it is still doing harm to the environment either way. A no-regrets option would be an energy source that a country would not regret choosing. An example of a no-regrets energy source could be hydropower. Although the cost of building a dam in a waterway is pretty substantial, it would have a lot of advantages (and in theory, would be better for society in the long run). Although coal is “cheap” when in comparison to renewable sources, it does more bad than good to the environment
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