Career Suicide Persuasive Speech

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We all know and avoid the obvious career mistakes like procrastination, poor work performance and not being prepared for a meeting. We tend to assume that doing our job well should be enough to get us recognised at work and get us that promotion or that pay raise. Working hard and doing our best should be enough to rise in the corporate ladder, right? Wrong. In today’s corporate world it’s not enough to just do your job well there are a whole lot of other rules that enter the picture when it comes to advancing in your career. Breaking these rules could lead to career stagnation, or worse- career suicide. Here are some ways in which you may be unknowingly committing career suicide in no particular order. 1. Not attending social events at work…show more content…
Don’t want to spend your only day off with your team for a team picnic? Missing a couple of work lunches or team outings may seem harmless enough. However when you miss these events on a regular basis you not only lose valuable bonding time with your colleagues and your supervisors, you also will be perceived as someone who is not a team player. Use these team social events as an opportunity to get to know your colleagues and managers better. 2. Gossiping and making derogatory comments It is fun to discuss who went out with whom and who got a bad review in the quarterly appraisal isn’t it? Don’t like a co- worker and make sure that everyone in your team knows about it? Well any one of this would definitely get you into hot water at work. Case in point- Charlie Sheen the well known star in the sitcom ‘Two and a Half men’ found himself thrown out of the show when he made derogatory comments about the show’s
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