Cats Like To Eat Essay

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Cat owners all over the world know it: those little fur balls can be very picky with their food. Beautiful as they are, they can drive you up the wall with their finicky appetite and strange eating habits. They’ll have you open up cans of cat food, and they won’t even dare lick it. Or maybe you’re a new feline parent and you find yourself asking, “What do cats like to eat?” The answer isn’t as bizarre as your kitty friend would like you to think. But before you feed them the following treats, make sure that your cat is just being a picky eater, and not actually sick, by bringing it up with your vet. However, if your cat has no problem eating every day and somehow maintains a decent weight, then chances are, he or she just doesn’t like what you’re serving. If ever you find yourself at the mercy of your kitty’s eating habits, here are a few facts…show more content…
While it is a joy to see them all cute and cuddly, feeding them can be quite a challenge. Generally, individual feeding stations is the best approach. Free-feeding is not really a good idea since it will not be easy to monitor each cat’s intake and appetite. Even more so, cats with more assertive behaviors may even block access to their feeding bowl. Don’t expect them to get into a cat fight a la Animal Planet, however. Indoor cats communicate largely through eye contact, body language, and facial expressions. If you are dealing with an overweight cat (in contrast to your other slimmer cats), it is hugely important that a separate feeding plan be established. How and what can cats eat usually differ based on their nutritional needs. The slimmer cats may be fed on a higher surface (where they can simply jump up), while the, ahem, fluffier one can be fed on the floor, where he will be given less food. Either way, consult your vet as to the amount of calories each cat should be receiving. Dealing with a stubborn kitty? Here are surefire ways to make sure they eat, or play by your
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