Argumentative Essay On Cats And Tablets

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Cats and tablets - pills

Our pets are no exception to the fact that almost everything alive suffers from illnes at some stage in it's life. For humans pills are fine, but if you have ever tried to give pills to your feline friend you would know how big of a problem it can turn out to be. So, what do you feed your cat in order to hide the pill so she eats it with no complaining? After a few experiments we came to the conclusion that hiding the whole pill was not the answer at all.
Cats locate whole pills with amaying accuracy and remove it from the food. The simple solution is crushing the pills before mixing them with food. You should mix the pill with a small quantity of food – half or less then usual, and give it to your pet before the
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Around 34% of U.S. homes own about 90 million domesticated cats. Around 84% of them are neutered or spayed. Most popular female cat names are Chloe, Bella, Lucy and Kitty. When it comes to male cat names the most popular ones are Max, Tigger, Tiger and Smokey.
How to prepare fish or chicken for your cat at pill time?
Chicken : Cooked (cold)
Most cats like cooked chicken so it's considered a good food for mixing their pills with. It's relatively quite easy to turn cold chicken into the most reliable pill hiding food. First, crush the pill into powder as described above. Then break a small serve of chicken into smallish pieces using your fingers for the best results. Next, add some water to the serving plate and roll the pieces of chicken in it untill its all wet. Then drain the extra water from the plate – too much water leaves the pill on the plate instead of on the food.
The next step is optional, placing the food in a microwave oven just to very gently warm it up, about 6 seconds on high. It ensures removing the coldness of the food, which activates it's smell. Don't make it hot! Too much heat can damage the pill, and many cats won't eat hot food anyway. Now add the powdered pill by sprinkling it over the warm, wet chicken and serve it up. Don't forget : Always add the Pill LAST!
Fish :

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